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This page is dedicated to our classmates who have served (or still serving) in the Armed Forces, Reserves, National Guard, etc.   It is my honor and privilege to be creating this page.  If any of you know of someone who should be acknowledged here, please let me know.   If there are errors, please contact me so that we may have an accurate site.  In addition, any and all information that can enhance this page only adds to the honor that is due to our classmates listed here. 

If your name is listed on this page, please send any information (rank, years in service, countries served, etc.), including photos and/or newspaper clippings, that we can include on this page.  That is our way of honoring you all for serving our Country!

Thank you,
The Committee

John Darr - United States Marine Corp
1979 - 1980   Parris Island, SC.
1980 - 1982   Adak, AK.
1982 - 1985   1st Radio Battalion, Kaneohe, HI.
1985 - 1988   Pensacola, FL.
1988 - 1991   Ft. Deven, MA.
1991 - 1995   1st Radio Battalion, Kaneohe, HI
                    TDY to Korea, Japan, Australia and other places.
1995 - 1999   National Security Agency, Naval Information Warfare Activity, Ft. Meade, MD.



Danny Riffee - United States Army
1979-1980            Entry training, Alabama
1980-1981            Ft. Sam Houston, Texas  -Helicopter Crewchief
1981-1982            Ft. Kobbe, Panama, - Fixed Wing Crewchief
1982-1983            Ft. Sam Houston, -Texas  Fixed Wing Crewchief
1983-1985            Ft. Rucker, AL -Helicopter Flight School, UH-60 advance training
1985-1989            Wiesbaden Germany, Helicopter Pilot, 8th Infantry Division, 4th Combat Aviation Battalion 
1989-2001            Ft. Campbell Kentucky,   -Task Force 160th Special Operations - Nightstalkers

22 years service. Retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4).

Flew the MH-60 Blackhawk, retired with 3,500 hours of which 1/2 were at night under Night Vision Systems.

Qualified in 6 different helicopters and have a Commercial Instrument Helicopter License/Fixed Private License.

Traveled to 45 of the United States.

Traveled to 54 countries.

Speak pretty good Spanish and a little German, my English sucks, spelling is worse.